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The European Exterminators of Native Americans and Palestinians

Yes, I bear witness that my God (as well as all my apostles!) abandoned me, His Own Son, not begotten of him, but because my heart was pure, and unjustly forgave my crucifiers.   
John Paul II asked forgiveness from those claiming to be from my crucifiers and corrupted my Message which was from God to please Satan (criminal Jews, usurers, homosexuals, Zionists, Rosicrucians, Rotarians, and Freemasons) who is ruling the word with his armies.   
Now, do you expect that same Unjust God to save you and punish your criminal tormentors and crucifiers when He did not save me, and punish them?  No, never!  Why?  Because you have been worshipping Satan all along and as long as your tax money will pay for arming and supporting the Synagogue of Satan, you will be humiliated, persecuted, starved, terrorised, enslaved and eventually destroyed.   
You are again living in Sodom and Gomorrah. 
Do not forget that Ancient Romans tortured and put me on the cross, although I did not die, and Americans and Europeans (modern Romans) have exterminated the Natives of America, and my people in Palestine and the neighbouring lands will be destroyed because of your sins.







  USA: Finkelstein and several others arrested at pro-Palestine protest in NYC

Norman Finkelstein arrêté

Agence Info Libre —Norman Finkelstein avait créé lundi un événement Facebook afin d’organiser une action de désobéissance civile devant les locaux de la représentation israélienne aux Nations unies pour protester contre les bombardements de Gaza. L’événement a réuni 26 personnes, qui ont toutes été arrêtées.

norman finkelstein


Zio-Puppet American Govt. Re-Arms Israeli Murder Machine and Votes against UN Resolution

The full extent of the Jewish Lobby’s control over the US government has never been as blatant as it is now: the Zionist-controlled puppets in Washington DC have announced that they are re-arming the Israeli army with mortars and bombs used up in the current Gaza killing spree—on the same day that America became the only nation in world to vote against a United Nations resolution to investigate Israeli human rights violations.
A Pentagon spokesman has confirmed an earlier CNN report that the American has provided Israel with a new shipment of ammunition to replace “dwindling” supplies.
“The United States is committed to the security of Israel, and it is vital to US national interests to assist Israel to develop and maintain a strong and ready self-defense capability,” said Pentagon press secretary Rear Admiral Kirby. “This defense sale is consistent with those objectives.” The Israeli military requested the addition ammunition on 20 July. The US defense department approved the sale three days later, Kirby said.
Two of the requested munitions were sourced from a secret stockpile the US keeps in Israel for emergencies. White House approval was not required to release the weaponry War Reserve Stockpile Ammunition-Israel (WRSA-I), Kirby added.
Meanwhile, in Congress, both Democrats and Republicans are working on a package of additional military support for Israel valued at a $225 million.
This American ammunition is being used to kill children in Gaza—as in, for example, the shelling of the UN-run school in Gaza where at least 16 sleeping children were killed when an Israeli tank opened fire on the building.
The interior of the shelled school in Gaza, where 16 sleeping children were murdered by the Zio-terrorists.
The interior of the shelled school in Gaza, where 16 sleeping children were murdered by the Zio-terrorists.

The United Nations described the killing of the sleeping children as a “disgrace to the world” and accused Israel of a serious violation of international law.
The Zio-puppet State Department condemned the killings in the school—but refused to blame Israel and instead suggested that the Palestinians were responsible!
The state department withheld judgment on the UN’s assessment that Israel was behind the latest attack, saying there should be a more thorough investigation to establish culpability. “We don’t know if there were rockets in the school,” said Marie Harf, a deputy spokeswoman at the state department, explaining Washington’s refusal to apportion explicit blame for the shelling. “We don’t know for certain who shelled the school.”
The UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon dismissed the State Department lies, saying the attack, which he described as “outrageous” and “unjustifiable”, had been perpetrated by Israel.
Ban said that “all available evidence points to Israeli artillery as the cause” of the pre-dawn attack, and he noted that Israeli military authorities had received the coordinates of the school from the United Nations 17 times, including on Tuesday night.

A Palestinian collects body parts in a classroom at the Abu Hussein UN school.
A Palestinian collects body parts in a classroom at the Abu Hussein UN school.

Even though the Zio-attacks have now killed over 1,300 people—a war crime by any standards—the Jewish Supremacist-controlled American government refuses to even consider any sort of sanction against Israel—in stark contrast to its ever-increasing belligerence to Russia.

On Wednesday-the same day that the Zio-puppet government announced it was restocking Israel with more bombs, America became the only country in the world to vote against a United Nations motion to set up a commission to launch an international, independent inquiry into human rights violations in Gaza.


Of the 47 members of the UN Human Rights Council, 29 nations voted in favor of the motion. Seventeen countries abstained—some with strong Jewish lobbies, such as Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, and some other smaller nations that have all been influenced by special Jewish missions to those states.
The controlled Hand of Zion behind the American government is now open for all the world to see—and has, through its actions, confirmed itself as the enemy of peace, and indeed, seemingly of all mankind.
Watch Dr. Duke’s New Video” UN Envoy Cries for Palestinian Children. Incredibly powerful video! Click on the image below to go directly to the video:




Dr. David Duke Responds to a Letter from Israel

Dr. David Duke receives emails from all over the world in reaction to his articles, radio shows and videos. Among the letters, are some from Israel. One of these warranted a full response, and readers of this website will be interested to read it:
Message Body:

Hi Dr. Duke.

I am an Israeli resident and terribly bothered by the death of so many people in this war.

On the other hand, at least as I understand, Hamas is declaring they will continue fighting Israel under any conditions.

What would you expect Israel to do? i’m not here to provoke, but to truly try and understand the other side.

Best regards,


This e-mail was sent from a contact form on David Duke (
- – - – - – –

Dear Gershon,

Thanks for your letter. I hope it is sincere. On the assumption that you are truly trying to understand the “other side” I will attempt to offer a very short rebuttal of the Zionist position.

Perhaps, instead of being totally myopically concerned with Hamas declaring that it will fight Israel, you should attempt to understand why Hamas wants to fight Israel.

Your nation, your people and your people’s influence around the world in media, politics, finance have supported the murder, terror, ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

Their homes, farms and businesses have been stolen.


Those who have tried to resist your occupation and terror have been abducted by the tens of thousands and tortured in Israeli prisons.

You have welcomed fellow Jews from all over the world to come and take land which is not theirs and take part in a state that holds the land by murder, terror and oppression.

The very idea that in the modern world one can arrive in a territory, and then can seize it through violence and bloodshed, just because they think that their ancestors lived there 2,000 years ago, is insane and ludicrous!

If any other people on earth would commit such horrendous crimes they would be condemned and brought before the World Court for Crimes against Humanity.

In fact, much of the world does condemn Israel for its actions. But your state is protected by the American government—and that is only because the Jewish lobby controls the US’s financial, media and political infrastructure—as it does in most other western nations.  Jewish tribalist subversives have taken over most of the media conglomerates, control the biggest banks of the world (such as like Goldman Sachs), and thereby bribe and corrupt the political process.

This is also the only reason why those states have diplomatic relations with Israel. Any state with a morally untainted and uncorrupted leadership would have broken off diplomatic relations with your country and completely boycotted your predator nation by now.

And now in Gaza, the true face of Zionist hatred is being shown. You are literally massacring thousands of innocents. Over 1,300 people have been killed, over 7,500 have been wounded and maimed, more than half of them women and children. Thousands of homes, businesses, schools have been destroyed.

About 30 percent of all the deaths in Gaza are those of innocent children and babies. Do you understand what that means? Let me spell it out for you: at least 350 children and babies have been murdered, and over 3,000 children either killed or maimed.

Can you understand what that means?

The mass media, dominated by your Zionist brothers and sisters, equate homemade rockets, of which 99.9 percent fall harmlessly, to tens of thousands of really powerful guided Israeli missiles that have taken a toll of countless thousands of Palestinian lives over the years.

Your Zio tribal friends in media put pictures of three abducted Israeli teens on the front pages all over the world, but completely ignore the tens of thousands of Palestinian teens and adults who have been abducted by the Jewish army and dragged off to prisons of torture and death.

How many Israelis have died in this latest conflict? 3 civilians and 45 members of the military who are the themselves a part of the terrorist army that mass murderers and maims thousands of Palestinians civilians.

How would you react if 3,000 Israeli children and babies had been murdered or maimed?

The most horrific Israeli weapons of mass destruction are raining down hell on the Palestinian people. It is like shooting fish in a barrel. But, they are not fish, they are human beings, blown up in their own homes and schools.

Just a few minutes ago another school was struck with 20 dead kids and 100 injured.

The leaders of Israel and its military are all guilty of war crimes, and of human rights violations on a massive scale.

And if a Jew or anyone else who supports this horrific ongoing human massacre… then you too are guilty of a deep moral crime.

That is my take on this. It is up to your own heart and mind to contemplate all of this and decide what is truly right and moral.

All  I know is that if the Jewish people were in the same circumstances: being bombed and blown up by the thousands, with hardly any ability to defend themselves, then you would say that those carrying out the murderers were the devil incarnate.

The Zionists are doing that right this moment. Are they not the Devil Incarnate?

That’s how bad it is.

What is Israel to do? You ask.

*Immediately stop the mass murder.

*Charge your leaders and their allies in the media with crimes against humanity.

*Prosecute and punish them yourselves.
  End the Occupation!

*Remove every Jews-only stolen settlement from the West Bank.

*Recognize the Palestinian State and accord it the same sovereign rights as you want for Israel.

*Allow all the Palestinians who you terrorized and murdered back to their homes and lands that you stole, and treat them with respect.

*Compensate them for the theft, murder, torture that you have inflicted upon them!

Those things are the least you can do. And those actions would make a damn good start!

I am not proposing mass revenge here against the Jews of Israel. These points are the very minimum of Human Justice!

Thank goodness there are small percentage of Jews—far too few in number—who recognize and decry Jewish racism and terror and murder, just as they would decry those crimes in any other people.

I hope you can be one of them.

Sincerely, Dr. David Duke

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      34 mins · [Ce jeudi 31 juillet 2014]
      A un assassin.."Si tu avais contemplé ...Le visage de ta victime
      Et réfléchi..Tu te serais souvenu....De ta mère...Dans la chambre à gaz
      Et tu aurais
      changé d’avis."...Un poème par Mahmoud Darwish en hommage à l'enfant Muhamed Al Durah, si actuel..

      Si tu avais contemplé
      Le visage de ta victime
      Et réfléchi
      Tu te serais souvenu
      De ta mère
      Dans la chambre à gaz
      Et tu aurais changé d’avis
      Ce n’est pas ainsi
      Que l’on recouvre
      Son identité
      Si tu avais laissé
      Trente jours au fœtus
      Le nouveau-né
      Aurait oublié
      Le temps du siège
      Aurait étudié
      Avec l’une de tes filles
      L’histoire ancienne d’Asie
      Et ils auraient pu s’aimer
      Et donner jour à une fille
      Elle serait juive de naissance
      Ta fille est aujourd’hui veuve
      Ta petite fille orpheline
      Comment as-tu pu d’une seule balle
      Abattre trois colombes ?
      Rien de nouveau
      Dans le monde civilisé
      Tout est banalisé
      Les temps de la barbarie sont passés
      La victime
      Comme la vérité est relative
      Alors sois
      Ou tu ne seras jamais.


      État de siège. Actes Sud / Sindbad, 2004
      Traduit de l'arabe par Elias Sanbar
      "Dans la chambre à gaz"? Quelle chambre à gaz? Que de pleurnicheries, mon Dieu!
      Je suis un sinistre sioniste au service de Satan, et je fais mon travail très bien ! Et, vous, tas de merdeux, au service de qui êtes-vous, tas d’hypocrites ? 
      De Dieu, de la liberté, de la justice, de l’amour du prochain ? Ne me faites pas rire ! Je travaille 24 heures sur 24 et, je prévois, je planifie, j’use ma cervelle au maximum, mais, vous, que faites-vous ? 
      Vous passez la moitié de votre vie à mon service (les corporations et les banques usurières !), et, l’autre moitié, à dormir, ou sur les plages, au bistrot, au casino, au stade de football, au cinéma, devant la télévision, à vous droguer (alcool, cigarette et autres cochonneries), avec des putes, faire du tourisme, à boire et bouffer de la merde, à enrichir mon industrie pharmaceutique, à lécher le cul des politiciens qui, presque tous, travaillent pour moi, et du gouvernement que j’ai mis sur place ! 
      Ne comprenez-vous pas que si j’existe c’est qu’il n’y a aucun Dieu pour vous sauver de votre propre décadence, lâcheté, égoïsme, hypocrisie, et matérialisme consumériste ? Vous détestez la vérité, et vous ne méritez donc pas de vivre ni en paix et ni en chair ! L’esclavage aux forces de Satan vous convient parfaitement !
      Ghyslaine ROC
      Ce jeudi 31 juillet 2014


    On Israel’s Doomed Fate

    By Gilad Atzmon
    IDF’s colossal defeat in Gaza this week leaves Israel and Israelis with just three political and personal options:

    1.     Mass expulsion – ethnic cleansing of the entire Palestinian population from territories controlled by Israel.  Such action may sound unreasonable or even phantasmic, but it is actually consistent with Zionist ideology and has many supporters within Israel and within the current Israeli cabinet. Moreover, oppression and brutality are embedded within Jewish political culture and even within the culture of the Jewish Left*. Clearly Israel possesses the military capability and fire power to proceed with such a plan for Nakba II.

    2.     Exodus – mass emigration of Israelis who, quite reasonably, prefer to run for their lives. This option is obviously embedded within the exilic Jewish culture and completely consistent with Jewish diaspora identity. Emigration is available to most Israelis at the moment. However, it is likely that as violence in the region continues to escalate and Israel finds itself complicit in more and more war crimes and human rights abuse, Israelis may find out that their freedom to travel around the world is gradually restricted.

    3.     Buying time –Israel’s favourite option. And certainly Benjamin Netanyahu’s preferred policy.

    While both the 1st and the 2nd options are consistent with Jewish ideology, heritage and culture, it is the 3rd option that has been chosen by Israel’s governments for decades. It entails constant devastation of Gaza by means of medium scale massacres in the hope that Palestinians will eventually surrender and accept the domination of the Jewish State.

    Just a month ago it seemed as if only divine intervention could save the Palestinians. However, as things stand at the moment, even God may find it difficult to rescue his favourite people. Israel has sunk into a fatal political, military and ideological paralysis. The destiny of the Jewish State has been revealed. It has no future in the region.

    The key to understanding of Israel’s paralysis is not complicated. As much as Israelis favour the deployment of their devastating military might and its fire power, Israelis do not like to be caught with blood on their hands. As much as they like to kill, they hate to be the killers. This dilemma has matured into a political, ideological, strategic and spiritual deadlock. It puts the Jewish State into an impossible scenario that makes dwelling on someone’s else land simply unimaginable.

    Noticeably absent among the viable options above is peace. Reconciliation is not a viable concept anymore. The notion of ‘peace’ as we understand it in the west (harmony and reconciliation) does not exists in modern Hebrew. The word ‘shalom’ that is commonly translated as ‘peace” is understood by Israelis as ‘security for the Jews.’ Israel has had plenty of time to reach harmony and reconciliation with the Palestinians. But it didn’t happen and for a reason. Israel is the Jewish State, it is ethno centric to its core, it is blind to the notion of universal rights and totally dismissive of the Palestinians and their rights. 

    It may be crucial at this point to add that the final stage of the Jewish State and the genocidal enthusiasm in which it manifests itself,  throws a devastating light on Jewish culture and the dangerous aspects that are entangled with Jewish identity politics and Jewish national collectivism.

    The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity politics and Jewish Power in particular - available on  &

    * It was Stalin’s ‘willing executioners’ who wiped out millions of Ukrainians in the name of ‘collectivization’ in the 1930s (Holodomor). It was the Yiddish Speaking International Brigade that massacred Catholics and burned their churches in Spain (1936), once again in the name of the ‘revolution.’ It was the Zionist Left which expelled the Palestinians in 1948. Killing en masse in the name of a great ideal, be it Moral interventionism, Gay rights, or even Jewish suffering, is unfortunately, consistent with Jewish political culture and attitude.