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 My 1727 Holy Bible with 81 Books including the Apocrypha

The Vatican and Roman Catholic Churches have long been infiltrated by CRIMINAL JEWS, ZIONISTS and FREEMASONS.  I have seen plethora of evidence of it in Godless Zionist Socialist-Communist France and in the Zionist United Kingdom of Great Britain (Greater Israel of Judah).  I have proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that France has been occupied by Freemasons and criminal Jews at least since the genocide of the French aristocracy and the murder of the French Catholic royalties.  The corruption in the Vatican since the Rothschilds had taken over its finances and infiltrated its clergy with their armies of crypto-Jews and Zionists has gotten worse every year until finally the Catholic Dogma has been completely destroyed.  Not much of Christianity is left in Europe, and not even in the United States of America, Canada and Australia.  We read non stop about the rape of nuns, infanticide, homosexuality, paedophilia, and other abominations within the Vatican and the Churches as well as of sex scandals in Protestant Churches, and even amongts "Jehovah Witnesses" of the Freemasonic Sect!  Only Islam and Eastern Christianity have a chance of making a difference, but only if they unite.  But, this is mission impossible because of the centuries old hatred of Islam and Muslims by both Eastern and Western Christianity, and also because Muslims Survivors of multiple horrendous Holocausts are so divided that little hope is left for unity even among themselves.  Christians have all forgotten the millions of Christians murdered by the Bolsheviks!  CIA-SAUDI and Secular 'Islam' has corrupted the minds of most Muslims around the world.       

This Earth is replete with degenerates.  Some among them are followers, disciples, adepts, promoters, apologetics and even worshippers of male and female homosexual ‘marriages’.  So, let not those degenerates try to preach to me and others who have never stopped struggling for a moral way of life, freedom, truth and justice, at great costs and personal sacrifice!   Jewish manufactured homosexual sexual orientation is a big lie and they should call it by its right name - ANAL ORIENTATION!  This made the decadent Vatican happy as it has been running paedophile, Sodomite, infanticide and rape factories within its walls and the walls of its convents and monasteries for over a millennium and protecting the degenerates by covering up all cases reported with total complicity of the Popes and rulers of the lands.  When I hear the Vatican praying today to Lucifer, they call the "Father of Christ" while inviting members of all religions to join them in prayer with the Anti-Christ Pope, I see no hope for any unity among Believers of both Christianity and Islam.   

Several thousand years ago believers “prayed” to God and Gods for rain, sun, light, good harvest, safety from danger, enemies, darkness and natural calamities, for health and even for having babies.  The prayers were heard as long as there was rain, sun, good harvest, and safety and so on, but was it really  God or Gods who did all this?  Of course not!  From History we learn that no God or Gods ever interfered in human matters except in legends and myths.  Yet, today nearly half of humanity believe in God (including myself!) or Gods and pray to them.  Even people who do not believe in them pray to Buddha who they made into a God and in exactly the same manner as Believers pray to God and Gods.   By the way my correspondent Paul Guthrie of the World Dhamma Foundation told us that Buddha was not a “Hindu” Prince and that Dhamma (“Buddhism”) existed well before “Hinduism”.  If you have Dhamma you do not need either Christianity or Islam – an utter nonsense!  It is true that so many lies are being told about all religions and we all fall into the trap in believing some of them including those who hate religion and God.  American Christian preachers say Christ (the mythical or legendary figure) travelled to India and Tibet where he learned the occult and obtained his power for performing miracles.  Most Christians believe today that Jesus Christ is God and the Creator of the Universe and quote John 1, Colossians 1 and Hebrews 1 to prove their false claim.  How can we make Believers understand and unite for the common good against the common adversaries when most of them will believe in practically anything even if it defies the facts, logic and reason.    

A lot of evil is happening in the world and Believers of all religions pray to God or Gods and we are witnesses that no God or Gods are helping them or listening to their prayers at all except at the individual level.  How at the individual level only?  Well, God does not have to exist for prayers to be answered at the individual level.  The belief and trust in a God or Gods whether they exist or not provide the motivation, strength and patience necessary for all individuals finding themselves in impossible or threatening life situations due to oppression, bad health, and injustice, lack of means to take care of their families or for any other reason.  And as oppression and injustice are the way of the super military powers that rule the world, and as the world masses live in economic slavery, and under a permanent culture of State sponsored terror and an immoral and destructive way of life, nearly half of the world human inhabitants find solace only in religion, God and Gods.

The Atheists (in general) hate the One Supreme God and people who believe in Him, but are not worried about people who worship all kinds of Gods or Buddha.  Many of them worship Mother Earth!  In Islam, the One Supreme God is above the State, and no despotic and totalitarian system of government like, for example, western-style democracies, would accept anything or anybody above itself except the Elite of Freemasons and usurious bankers who literally own the government, the land, the resources, the utilities, and even the people, their present and future.  Atheists have a religion or religions, but they do not call it religion in order to separate themselves from people of any religious system that has to do with an act of worship of a Deity.  They thus show they are not only different, but also superior to those people.  Yet, they too have Gods by the tons and they worship them in their own particular way.  One of their Gods is the totalitarian fascist, warmongering and Godless State!

Of course people who believe in God or Gods, mainly Christians and Muslims, will not agree with my position as for them God or Gods are real interventionist Gods when this is not true in all cases of contemporary history that we are all witnessing unfolding right before our eyes, except for the Zombies who hear, see and feel absolutely nothing!  Zombies are oblivious or willingly indifferent to all the sufferings that are happening around them on a daily basis.  They push their stupidity in still hoping (in the modern and highly advanced world) for a Final Judgement Day, a Paradise and fearing Hell that cannot exist the way they are being described in Holy Scriptures, and which cannot and should not be taken literally.  They fail to see Paradise and Hell and the reign of Satan (the symbol of Evil!) right here on Earth and rather live in a dream, which in fact is a nightmare for most of us.   They push their stupidity further by claiming respectively they are right and all the others are wrong!
People almost never listen and they expect you to listen to them (like the facebooker narcissist cockroaches or rats), and freedom, truth, justice and morality have rarely any value in their eyes.  They are rarely students; they are almost always teachers, teachers of ignorance, nonsense and stupidity!    Freedom Fighters, Truth Seekers and Truth Tellers are being hounded, persecuted, ostracised, beaten up, humiliated, fined, jailed and even murdered, yet they still are ungrateful and indifferent to other humans’ dedication, struggle, sacrifice and martyrdom.

Whether God or Gods exist or not, the truth is that God, more specifically in Christianity (not Roman and Apostolic Catholicism) and Islam, is a life saver compared to No God at all where the most vulnerable amongst the non Believers destroy themselves by taking intoxicants, drugs of all kinds, become addicts of sodomy, paedophilia and rape, and even kill themselves.  They are also cowards because while they refuse to fight for a just cause many choose to selfishly end up their lives.  Most heavily drugged American soldier-assassins find it normal to murder innocent and unarmed men, women, children and babies, and destroy everything during their wars of aggression, and some of them after committing murder after murder end up taking their own lives.   They destroy their own families at home and their God is that of plain Evil.   

Just think about it for a moment.  There is no God or Gods, yet millions worship them and they find peace and happiness if not at the national, community or family level, at least at the individual level.  God and Gods whether they exist or not save them from a life of utter misery where morality has no place and where profits at all costs are the driving force of the ruling establishment.  Don’t ever get fooled by their human rights, law and justice system, charity or philanthropic organisations, or even by their so-called public institutions and royalties.  All is owned and run by bloodthirsty corporations that are bent on drinking the last drop of our blood, steal everything they can lay their claws on, and exterminate a maximum of the earth’s human and non human inhabitants (80-90 %), all for profit.  
For people who have nothing or almost nothing, God and Gods are their Saviours, but Pr Richard Dawkins the Pope of Radical and militant Atheism would rather see all of them dead or exterminated than cling to God with trust and hope for a better life even if it is temporary!  Only the fittest should survive.  The Catholic Church has unfortunately become secular, Marxist, Socialist, Communist, macro evolutionist and Neo-Darwinist, and now outright satanic due to its infiltration by Jews, Talmudists and Freemasons.  While the Devils that terrorise our planet cannot infiltrate Islam, they have prevented Muslims from uniting and de-Islamised a great number amongst them while screaming because of their owned invented Islamisation of the West by hordes of “Islamo” fascists, cut throats, head choppers, wife beaters, polygamists, extremists, radicals, obscurantists, cockroaches, sand niggers, and what not!   They scare Europeans about the 'alarming' birth rate of Muslims in the West, yet more than twenty years ago Charles Pasqua announced the figure of SIX MILLION Muslims living in France.  I quoted this figure many times in my essays.  Recently I keep hearing and reading about the figure FIVE MILLION Muslims instead!  Recently I read about the figure 4,3 MILLION French Muslims only!  Who is lying?   The Islamisation of Europe is a total fabrication!  They simply do not want Muslims to practice their religion freely.  After having destroyed Christianity they are now hell bent in destroying not Islam (they can't!) but Muslims.    

What both Christians (non Roman and non Apostolic Catholics) and Muslims, at least, should understand is that they are both on the same boat and heading towards the same destination even if the routes are different.  Christian and Muslim bigotry and racism are their mortal enemies.  Only when they have understood LIKE I HAVE that God or no God they are responsible for the well being of their descendants, children, grand children and so on, and without mutual and reciprocal REAL SPIRITUAL LOVE for each other they will only help Satan (the Evil ones that rule over us) to rule for ever over the entire planet.  I have known and learned from life and experience and as an impossible to dispute fact that THERE IS NO SUCH GOD AS AN INTERVENTIONIST GOD and that all Scriptures have to be read and understood as a PARABLE DIVINELY INSPIRED and not to be taken LITERALLY, and that we are all ONE HUMANKIND, ONE HUMANITY except for Frankenstein and his armies of monsters, Secularists, Talmudist Jews, Zionists, Racists, Fascists, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Rotarians, Knights of this and Knights of that, Skull & Bones, usurious bank gangsters, Neo-Darwinist evolved apes, fanatical, extremist and militant Atheists, cannibals, etc.  

It does not matter if Christ existed or not or that Muhammad was an impostor or not!  They both have exactly the same Divine Message!  Finding faults in each other's religion is not going to help at all.  Let us love our neighbour as Jesus Christ recommends and come to common terms as Islam advises us to do if we want to stop living in hell on earth and give our children and grand children a better chance to live in peace with the religion of their own choice.  If there is God, there can be only ONE GOD for all Creation and He is Godly!

The First ever Commandment of the “Semitic” Scriptures is found in Genesis 1:28, but although not a single translation can be trusted as being an exact translation of the original inspired word or the Word of God, we do have an idea about what it meant and means in the modern context, bearing in mind that there was another “Genesis” account that has not been accepted as canonical in either Judaism or Christianity (including Roman Catholicism), and also that there were many other Gospels that have been discarded as well as dozens of other texts.

“And God blessed them (the humans), and said to them, Be fruitful, and multiply (increase in number), and replenish (fill) the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing (creature) that moves (scurry along, crawls, creeps...) on the earth (ground).”

 The spirit is to fill (a not so full earth) or replenish (an already inhabited earth), and if today we have an overpopulation of the earth (which we haven’t!) we must use our knowledge (science) to make sure that it does not become a problem, but only by using the Scriptures as our Guide and not Godless and anti-God mass murdering corporations owned by usurious bank gangsters, Freemasons, Satanists and ethnic cleansing Judaic supremacists that want to depopulate the earth no matter what.   Note that the wealthy own the Earth thanks to counterfeit money and live in palaces, mansions, and the masses are forced to live in smaller and smaller houses like rabbits!  They own the rivers, the lakes, the beaches, the seas, the mountains and even the oceans.  They own literally everything.  

So many of us believe in God or Gods, yet we follow those who tell us that our women are free to have sex in brothels and in pornographic films and outside marriage in order to prevent rape when they are the world’s and history’s greatest rapists.   They tell us to give them our hard earned money in order to protect us from drugs and crime, yet they are the greatest drug traffickers, criminals and mass murderers in the world.  They tell us they are for law and human rights, yet the law never applies to them and their human rights is the right to invade, bomb, kill, starve, maim, torture, occupy, steal, deceive, enslave, control, and to have everything including weapons of mass destruction while depriving other individuals and nations from having anything of their own except what they will allow them to have, and only when they cannot do otherwise.  They tell us where to live, where to build our homes, what to drink and eat, and impose upon us energy and water tariffs while energy and water should be totally free.  They tell us we are free and have the freedom of speech and circulation, yet they enslave us, control every single one of our movements, impose upon our children their brain washing mind control National Curricula, and prevent us from expressing ourselves and from circulating freely.  They sell us medicine and engineered food and even poison that make us sick and rarely cure us of any ailment.  They impose vaccines on our babies.  They murder our dissidents and their families.  They bomb defenceless countries with their radioactive waste and phosphorus bombs all for the sake of Israel, the banking cartels and the military industrial complex.   And on and on they tell us to be everything else except ourselves, natural or God created beings, and to do everything for them that make them richer and richer and us poorer and poorer.
We already have all the religions and Gods we need to lead a happy, prosperous and peaceful life, even without religions or Gods, but all we are doing is work as slaves for those whose religions and Gods are pure evil.  Until we stop this nonsense by whatever means necessary, there is no hope for a better future for us all.  But, first, let us ‘kill’ the usurious bank gangsters and their media, including Hollywood, Bollywood and their likes, and then we’ll fight (if necessary) over God or religion like idiots!   

Saturday 24th of January 2015

Saturday 24th of January 2015

« Je me sens Charlie Coulibaly » : Dieudonné s’explique ! (22/01/15)

Pour vivre ensemble il faut savoir aimer 1971

CIVILISATION is not and should not be the property of any Supremacist entity.  When the racist, fascist, despotic and totalitarian dictatorship "democratic" West claims a monopoly on Western Civilisation, they are wrong and that behaviour is one of the greatest crimes against humanity.  Islamic civilisation was open to the entire world and nobody was coerced into accepting it.  Non Muslim nations freely absorbed whatever was compatible with and would enrich their own civilisation.  For example, Hindustan and Spain.  Yet, we saw Western hordes invading other nations' lands, mass killing the people, stealing everything, occupying the lands against the will of the inhabitants, enslaving them and imposing upon them part of the Western civilisation with the aim to destroy native cultures, languages, religions and to make of the conquered nations docile slaves that would have to labour for generation and generation for the profit of Western corporations and their ruling classes.  The majority of the conquered nations are still today the slaves and nation clients of Western hegemony.  Don't they dare to ever raise their voice or head, they would be mercilessly and ruthlessly dealt with and the West would never hesitate one second to exterminate entire nations and communities in order to remain the undisputed masters and Gods of the world.    

They do not want the vanquished nations to live free and in peace as they have set up Courts of Injustice on their lands and lies, deception and fraud have become the pillars of all their colonies, neo colonies, and they make sure that those inferior and unarmed nations remain forever indebted to their bank gangsters of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund run by their UNO dictatorship.

The West does not want the inferior people to live TOGETHER with them because they are racist Supremacists.  Several centuries ago usurious Jews were invited to join them in their Crusade against the other Nations for the conquest of the World.  People like me were never invited to share Western civilisation but forced to be indoctrinated by their Churches into the part of that civilisation destined only for slaves and "house Negroes".   
This reminds me of one of my favourite and haunting French songs ever interpreted by Frida Boccara, a Moroccan Christian artist, singer and musician.

"To live together we must learn to love
And never take what we have not given". 

Yes, France accepted Arab and North African Jewish and Zionist individuals to live together with them. but never did it accept any Muslim individual or community to live together with them except as "house Negroes".  Muslim Algerians who fought for France (traitors) known as Harkis were dumped into French ghettos after the Algerian genocide and regarded as inferiors and second hand citizens while Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian Jews (traitors) were hailed as Gods.  These Muslims were de-Islamised and kept under State control for over half a century.  I lived for 13 years in a Jewish Zionist controlled France where anti-Arab and anti-Muslim racism was institutionalised. 

Algerians had to shave their beard in order to show their slave masters that they were integrated and assimilated.  Head covering for both men and women was almost unknown.  When the first French Muslim young girls born in France tried to go back to their Islamic traditions the State intervened immediately and passed laws banning all "Islamic" head coverings and religious signs.  Catholics and Jews were not bothered as they had the choice of attending confessional schools under contract with the State.  Muslims did not have any contract as they had no church and no central body that represented them.    
In order to keep 6 million French Muslims (Charles Pasqua's figure) and their cultural and religious centres under strict State control, the French government set up a bogus Muslim organisation to federate all Muslim organisations.  Charles Pasqua was leading the pack together with a Zionist Freemason passing for a Muslim, one Dalil Boubakeur, the self or State appointed "Rector" of the "Great Paris Mosque". 

"Two lovers in the night and during the day two friends
This is how we love for life"

Only fools and racists will say that Muslims indoctrinated and born in France hate Western "values".  When they applied for a permit to run a business, they were always obstructed and given only licences to sell exotic and other foodstuffs, to run liquor houses (cafés), brothels, and carry out only trade only fit for inferiors while African and European Jews had a monopoly on almost every major trade: fur, salmon, diamond, gold, crystal, ready-to-wear, cosmetics, and goods destined for "collectivités".  Jews own or run all pornographic sex shops, brothels and the homosexual and paedophilia networks.  Like in Britain, the Police trains Jewish terrorists on tax-payer Police premises to protect Jewish businesses and interests.

Yes, we were free to sleep with any French woman (married or not) or young girl, day and night, and even marry them, but we were not allowed to show our ugly faces or promote our newly acquired culture on French television and cinema.  Although we were now part of French so-called civilisation, we were never accepted as part of the French culture reserved strictly for the decadent Whites, Atheists, Homosexuals, Paedophiles, Jews and Secular Christians (Zionists).  Muslims like Malcom X and Sheikh Ahmed Deedaat were all banned for life from visiting France!  I heard that even Muslim kids like the African little "Sheikh" Sharifou (an under ten year old preacher boy!) was not allowed on French soil because France fears its Black and other citizens may be influenced by them and embrace Islam!          

Yes, we were French lovers in the night and during the day, but Zionist and racist France never accepted us as its FRIENDS!  Yet, they expect us (hypocritically) to LOVE them unconditionally while they spend every minute of the day and night in vilifying Islam, Arabs, the Arab Prophet Muhammad, the Muslim Holy Book, the Qur'ân, and the Muslim and Islamic culture and customs.  I am sure most Muslims HATE THEM because French hatred for Muslims has spread terror on French soil where Muslims are no more welcome.  They are terrorised, persecuted, ostracised, hounded, fined, jailed and even murdered.  Muslims are treated as the Hindus treat their Dalits, and they have nowhere to go as their previous homelands are all occupied by France and other Western military powers.

"To live together we must open our hearts"

Zionist France has no heart and has absolutely no intention whatsoever to live together with Muslims! 

"To the smile of a child or of a flower
We must fill with sunshine this wonderful world"

Christianity and Islam came to the world to protect our children, but France and its bastard child known as Eretz Israel, and the entire Western world are child killers!  So, what civilisation are they talking about?  What "Republican values"?

"To live together we must learn to love"

Racists and ethnic cleansers do not love and have no intention to live together with Arabs, Muslims, sand niggers, cockroaches and stinking Arabs!  Everything is for the Jew, the Zionist, not even for the Christian!

"I look at you and I keep you and everything lightens
The shadow changes into light
I see you live and I feel free and I sing
The rest is unimportant"

When we, victims of Jewish and French racism and terror  look at France, everything darkens on the contrary.  The light changes into ugly and monstrous shadows.   When powerless we see them rejoice when they blaspheme our religion, vilify and slander our Prophet, or when they demonise and slander Jesus Christ, we free imprisoned with nowhere to go.  We do not have the heart to sing or to lament, or even to make people laugh because it is now against the Zionist Republican Laws, but only to scream!    VIVE LA RÉVOLUTION!  LONG LIVE LA FRANCE LIBRE!  Because we are French and part of that civilisation, that part which is naturally part of us and of our soul and that we are denied at all levels of the racist establishment.  Even the White side of my family hates my religion and biological type!  But, what has value in the eyes of ALL FRENCH CITIZENS is freedom, truth, justice and a moral way of life.  The rest is unimportant.

"To live together we must learn to love
And never take what we have not given"

I was brought up with British and then French values, and given British and then French citizenship, but FOR WHAT?  For laïques, Freemasons, pornographers, Jews, fanatics, Zionists,homosexuals, prostitutes, whores, abortionists, warmongers, thieves, crooks, drug addicts, racists, paedophiles, rapists, Atheists and God haters to have more rights as citizens than me just because I refuse to embrace their religions and ideologies?  What makes them more civilised than humans like me when they themselves are not civilised at all?

Ce samedi 24 janvier 2015

Veterans Today 

Zionist-controlled media seeking to destroy religions: Scholar

The war on Islam is really a war on all religions

Introduction by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

The New World Order is a freemasonic plan for a post-religious global dictatorship. It would be a “new” world order for two reasons: (1) It would be the first empire ever to embrace (or strangle) the entire planet. (2) It would be the first civilization to completely abandon religion.

It would also be a “new world” order in that it would be ruled from the New World – specifically, from that monstrous maze of freemasonic symbols known as Washington, DC. Once the plan is sufficiently advanced, they may intend to move the capital to Occupied Jerusalem, where a false messiah (antichrist/dajjal) would be installed as global dictator.

Zionism – a diabolical, idolatrous Jewish heresy that worships the State of Israel and the Jewish people rather than God – is a key element of the New World Order plot to destroy humanity.

To understand what is at stake here, read the Grand Inquisitor section of Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov. The New World Order plotters think like the Grand Inquisitor. They want to create a perfect (or perfectly controlled) society in which the hallmarks of humanity – spirituality and free choice – have been erased.


Watch the video at Press TV

The Zionist-controlled media in the United States is seeking to “destroy” Islam and Christianity while promoting a “clash of civilizations,” an American scholar and journalist in Wisconsin says.

Radical secularists want to create a new world order in which religions are mocked and freedom of speech is considered sacred, said Dr. Kevin Barrett, a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance.

“The Zionist-dominated media here in the United states is helping foment a clash of civilizations against Islam, but which is secretly designed not only to destroy Islam, but also Christianity,” Barrett told Press TV on Wednesday.

A new survey suggests that a relative majority of Americans believe it is acceptable to ridicule Islam, highlighting the depth of anti-Islamic sentiment and widespread Islamophobia in the United States.
According to the HuffPost/YouGov survey, 46 percent of Americans thought it was acceptable to mock Islam, while 44 percent said it was unacceptable to mock Christianity, a consequence of the “Islamophobia project” promoted by US media outlets.

Moreover, 63 percent of Americans said it is more important to protect the freedom of speech than to protect the sanctity of religious beliefs. Only 19 percent said the sanctity of religious beliefs was more important than free speech and 18 percent were not sure.

The survey was taken shortly after 12 people were killed in an attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. The French magazine has repeatedly provoked Muslim anger by publishing cartoons of the Prophet of Islam.

The Western media is “spinning this Charlie Hebdo affair, which actually appears to have been a false flag event created to unleash all this propaganda,” Barrett said.

“They’re doing this in order to try to get rid of the sacred from society and to put new sacred values in place of the traditional sacred values of traditional religions,” he noted.

The media is trying to replace sacred religious values in Western societies with immorality, homosexuality, incest, blasphemy and destructive free speech, Barrett concluded.

Le Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy: "Ich bin ein Berliner" - Je suis un Berlinois! 26 juin 1963
JFK pronconça ces paroles dans le but de souligner le soutien des USA aux Allemands de l'Ouest contre les Allemands de l'Est.
"Lass' sie nach Berlin kommen" - Laissez-les venir à Berlin, parlant des Allemands de l'Est qui désiraient venir à Berlin Ouest afin de démontrer que les Capitalistes et les Communistes pouvaient travailler ensemble.
 Sur les marches de Rathaus Schöneberg, il rappela à une audience de 450,000 personnes présentes, la célèbre formule: civis romanus sum - je suis un citoyen romain!  Faisait-il ainsi
À l'époque de JFK, le monde occidental sous contrôle judéo-maçonnique était fier de dire tout haut:  Today "Ich bin ein Berliner!"  Tous les hommes (pas les femmes!) libres, peu importe où ils habitaient, furent des citoyens de Berlin, et, comme un homme libre (croyait-il), JFK prononça avec une grande fierté ces mots: "Ich bin ein Berliner!" alors que les habitants de Berlin ne se disaient jamais Berlinois.  Berliner dans le jargon local voulait tout simplement dire beignet!
Theodore Chaikin "Ted" Sorensen (May 8, 1928 – October 31, 2010), de mère juive de Russie (Annis (Chaikin) Sorensen, écrivit la plupart des discours de JFK, y compris le plagiat du poète mystique chrétien Khalil Gibran qui avait écrit: "Ne demandez pas ce que peut faire le pays pour vous; demandez ce que vous pouvez faire pour votre pays!"
Il est d'usage de dire "Nous sommes tous Palestiniens", et cela ne veut pas dire pour autant que ceux et celles qui disent ces mots font "l'apologie du terrorisme palestinien" ou qu'ils soient des voyous, des brigands, des  gangsters, des enfoirés (Jacques Weber) comme veulent nous le faire croire les criminels et 'philosophes' juifs, et les sionistes de France et d'ailleurs!
Samedi 4 janvier 2015
 Pour vivre ensemble il faut savoir aimer 1971


Je suis Shoarlie

« On va continuer à faire nos bonshommes. Notre boulot de dessinateur est de mettre le petit bonhomme au coeur du dessin, de traduire l’idée qu’on est tous des petits bonshommes et qu’on essaie de se démerder avec ça. C’est ça le dessin. Ceux qu’on a tués étaient juste des gens qui dessinaient des bonshommes. Et aussi des bonnes-femmes. » Quand Luz déclare sur le site des Inrocks le 12 janvier 2015 que les membres de la bande de Charlie étaient juste de simples dessinateurs qui ne faisaient que croquer des petits bonhommes, il se trompe, et nous trompe.

Un racisme de gauche

La dureté des dessins, mal ressentie par les communautés musulmane et catholique qu’on pouvait choquer sans grand risque, vu leurs représentation médiatique quasi nulle, le fut plus encore par les modérés – qui recevaient cette pluie de crachats inexplicable – que par les ultras, preuve qu’un effet d’impact maximal a toujours été recherché. C’était d’ailleurs le credo du tandem Choron/Cavanna, créateur de Charlie Hebdo il y a 45 ans, avant que Choron ne soit dépouillé de son titre au début des années 90 par la trahison des anciens. Dès lors, Charlie prit une tournure différente.

Les accroches de une, qui se doivent d’être vendeuses selon le principe « le scandale c’est la pub du pauvre », étaient de moins en moins motivées par la grosse déconne gauloise, et de plus en plus par la détestation, une détestation politique classique, celle de la gauche contre tout ce qui symbolisait la droite : curés, militaires, bourgeois, patrons, Blancs, tous proclamés racistes, capitalistes, colonialistes, machistes et honteusement antisémites. L’esprit de Vichy ! Un tir groupé plus connu sous le nom de « la connerie ». Un racisme de gauche, en vérité, sûr de lui et dominateur, ne souffrant aucune discussion : discuter, c’était tout de suite se mettre du mauvais côté. Sinon, comment Cabu aurait-il pu injecter dans ses croquis pendant 50 ans autant de mépris de classe sans une hostilité originelle, permanente, magistrale, à l’encontre des beaufs ? Il fallait au moins ça, un réacteur nucléaire à base de cet uranium enrichissant qu’est le dégoût, pour lancer aussi sûrement et aussi prestement dans la même cible autant de flèches, par milliers, par dizaines de milliers. Pour ce travail de sape dans la lignée de Cabu, les néocharlie furent largement récompensés par la socioculture : passages télé, embauches multiples, car si leur trait était libertaire (la ligne dite crade), leurs idées, elles, étaient parfaitement soumises à la ligne du parti dominant.
« À Charlie, avant qu’on soit embêtés par les musulmans intégristes, on a eu affaire à l’extrême droite catholique. Ça s’est terminé normalement devant les tribunaux, ils ont perdu et voilà. Ils attaquent pour tester en espérant gagner et que la législation change. Les juifs, on doit constater qu’ils ne nous font pas chier. Dans Charlie, on traite surtout de l’Église catholique parce qu’elle est encore très majoritaire. » (Charb à Libé en 2006)
Que personne n’y voie la basse tentative de justifier la tuerie de la sorte : il n’y a aucun rapport entre le contenu de Charlie depuis 10 ans, en réalité aussi subversif qu’un magazine féminin branché, puisqu’il n’a jamais ciblé le vrai pouvoir, et le sort terrible qui a été celui de ses animateurs. Disproportion, distorsion absolue, qui est désormais entre les mains de la justice… pour peu qu’on y croie. Les dessins emprunts de bienveillance, pour utiliser le terme à la mode, font moins mal, mais ont moins d’impact. La haine, la détestation sont publicitaires, et nous le savons tous. Dire ou faire du mal est un vecteur très puissant pour un message. Le mal est un medium. Et les auteurs de Charlie, comme tous les extrémistes, ce qu’ils étaient devenus, des barbus à leur façon, touillaient dans la chair de leurs cibles favorites, justifiant une véritable haine en retour, sans mettre les rieurs de leur côté. Rappelons le dessin sur Marine Le Pen, attaquée sur son physique plutôt que sur sa politique, représentée en étron. Degré zéro de l’humour, de l’inspiration, et surtout, de l’empathie. Enlaidir plutôt que caricaturer habilement, salir plutôt que critiquer finement, étaient devenues les deux mamelles du journal. La louve aux multiples tétons aura perdu sa grâce.

La disparition progressive de la bienveillance (charrier ses ennemis mais leur accorder malgré tout de l’humanité) explique la désaffection grandissante du public à l’encontre de cette publication. Inversement, le dessinateur Reiser, qu’on taxait pourtant de féroce, et qui a été à l’origine de cette pépinière de talents graphiques, et du style coup de poing dans la gueule, faisait rire dans tous les sens, à gauche et à droite, des uns et des autres, car chacun en prenait pour son grade. Il ne ciblait que l’ignorance (dans ce milieu, on dit « la connerie », ce qui a l’avantage de la rejeter loin de soi), qui endosse tous les habits du monde. Les dessinateurs du dernier Charlie, à force de ne cogner que sur les mêmes, ont fini par être assimilés à cette agressivité obsessive, contrairement à leurs prédécesseurs. Le journal est alors devenu le symbole et le fer de lance de l’exécration politique, déclenchant des réactions… d’exécration politique.

Il y a deux sortes de dessinateurs : les politiques, et ceux qui pratiquent l’humour total, on pense à Vuillemin, absolument inclassable, hors concours, comme l’est Dieudonné en one-man-show. Ceux dont le trait et l’humour servent un dessein politique, et ceux qui ne servent que l’humour, qui n’ont d’autre projet que l’humour. Les prosélytes puritains à la Charb, et les gros déconneurs à la Siné. Deux espèces qui peuvent cohabiter, mais pas longtemps : les vrais rigolos de Charlie, ces « droits communs » que sont Martin, Faujour, Lefred, Siné et compagnie, furent plus ou moins expulsés par les « politiques » Cabu, Charb et leurs soldats bien alignés. Où l’on retrouve hiérarchie et soumission bien militaires au milieu des bouffeurs de militaires ! Croqueurs de flics et de curés, les détenteurs illégitimes de Charlie se posèrent en nouveaux flics et curés : flics de la pensée, et curés d’une église politique bien déguisée sous ses oripeaux islamo-cathophobes et, coïncidence, furieusement compatible avec le sionisme au pouvoir. On ne tue que ce qu’on remplace.

Un journal de bande décimée

Le drame qui a frappé la tête pensante de Charlie n’est ni la punition, ni la rançon de leur racisme de gauche. Non, c’est un montage de service – ou de services – qui s’est servi du positionnement marketing de ce journal en perdition pour asséner un coup violent au peuple français, qui commençait à dériver quelque peu, politiquement. Non pas vers la droite ou la gauche, ni même vers l’extrême droite ou l’extrême gauche, qui ne font peur à personne dans l’élitosphère, mais vers une lucidité qui menace le pouvoir de contrôle du système médiatico-politique. Le grand rassemblement de peur (on crée la peur par les coups pour que le troupeau resserre les rangs et coure vers l’enclos prévu à cet effet) qui a eu lieu dimanche 11 janvier 2015 porte la marque du Maître, qui a fouetté les brebis qui essaimaient dans les bois, les champs, et la dangereuse liberté de penser. Une reprise en main vigoureuse qui a nécessité de frapper un faux symbole de liberté, qui ne parlait plus à grand monde. De l’atroce realpolitik du pouvoir réel.

Charlie, dont le rôle aurait dû être d’exprimer la vraie, la joyeuse, la saine subversion française, rabelaisienne, antiaméricaine et antisioniste, non par obsession mais parce que ce sont les deux maîtres du moment, a loupé le train du peuple, pour finir dans les décors, c’est-à-dire avec les félicitations du pouvoir (voir la pire homélie funèbre qu’on puisse imaginer, sur France 2, avec Nagui, Lapix et Cohen), et le mépris des lecteurs intelligents. Il n’est, là, pas du tout question d’Islam. Ce n’est pas l’Islam qui a affaibli Charlie, bien au contraire : c’est l’islamophobie et dans une moindre mesure la cathophobie qui ont maintenu ce titre sous respiration artificielle depuis les caricatures de Mahomet en 2006. Et qui l’ont propulsé dans une impasse, celle de la surenchère dans la couv islamophobe et cathophobe, pour ne pas dire sioniste, une surenchère forcément bien vue par l’élite, moins par le peuple lecteur, qui s’est senti trahi, abandonné : Charlie tapait sur les derniers représentants, défenseurs ou consolateurs des pauvres, le Parti communiste mis à part. Mais, dans sa version Pierre Laurent, a-t-on encore le droit de l’appeler comme ça ?

La survie du journal a donc été paradoxalement basée sur un positionnement perdant, un choix éditorial lourd de conséquences, celui de Philippe Val, qui a littéralement tué l’intégrité journalistique et l’humour libre, non soumis à des calculs politiques ou réseautaires, intégrité et déconnade qui faisaient le charme du vrai Charlie. Les amoureux du foutage de gueule jouissif des vrais maîtres le savent, c’est le faux Charlie qui est mort, et désormais mourant, mais avec, ô miracle, les fées du système qui se pressent autour de lui, et se vengent ainsi, avec un délice de perversité gourmande, de la défaite d’un des derniers titres non-alignés. C’est ça qui est révoltant : la récupération morbide.
Si nous ne pleurons pas la mort de Charlie aujourd’hui avec le chœur des pleureuses hypocrites, qui n’ont jamais acheté un Charlie, ni l’ancien ni le nouveau, et que ce vieux batave de Willem a raison de vomir, c’est que nous l’avons pleurée depuis longtemps, depuis 20 ans et sa vassalisation. Et la mort brutale de ses représentants n’y change rien. Ne nous jetez pas la pierre de l’inhumanité, car nous, nous payons chaque jour par l’opprobre le prix de l’honnêteté vis-à-vis de nos lecteurs, et des lecteurs qui ne sont pas nôtres. Nous ne mentons pas. Et puis, nous sommes lucides : personne ne se précipitera, si nous mourons, avec pluie de pleurs et millions, pour sauver notre peau. Elle est mise à prix, car la subversion, qui échappe à toute récupération, a changé de camp. Quand on dit « nous », on ne pense pas uniquement à E&R, mais à tout ce que la Toile comporte d’esprits lucides, non conformes, s’amusant de la dinguerie d’un système aujourd’hui incarné par ce Duce d’opérette de synagogue de Valls, qui réussit le tour de force de faire passer Sarkozy pour un grand chef d’État. Les journalistes du Monde et de Libé disent fachosphère, nous répondons lucidosphère (en évitant tout rapprochement avec Lucifer). Sans haine, ni arme, ni violence.

Je suis Shoarlie

JPEG - 73.3 ko
Allez les hyènes, le cadavre est encore chaud !

Passons sur l’horrible récupération des morts-vivants de Charlie par France 2 le soir de la Grande Marche détournée, marche de la paix détournée par les commanditaires du terrorisme mêlés aux prestigieux invités ! On rappelle pour ceux qui n’étaient pas nés en 1934 que la Longue Marche de Mao et de ses troupes commença à 130 000, pour se terminer un an plus tard, 12 000 km et des dizaines d’embuscades plus loin, à 30 000. La Grande Marche parisienne, sans oublier ses petites sœurs de province, fera heureusement moins de victimes. Pas sûr cependant qu’elle mènera à la victoire du peuple de France, totalement trahi dans l’affaire. Mû par son émotion, et sa peur de la Mort assassine et aveugle (pas tant que ça), il a cherché à éviter l’inhibition de l’action en se retrouvant, dans la solidarité, pour resserrer ses liens. Il a alors été coiffé de ses maîtres, qui ont accouru pour mener le troupeau… nulle part, en tout cas pas à l’Élysée ou à Matignon, que les brebis respectent encore, maîtres qui ont fini par communier, sans l’encombrant peuple évidemment, dans la grande synagogue de la Victoire. Là, on transforma, sous les ors de la République Sioniste, le besoin de paix civile de tout en peuple en raffermissement du pouvoir, de son étreinte, de sa strangulation, de sa surveillance, en élargissant SA définition du terrorisme. Désormais, sera déclaré terroriste tout Français qui ne sera pas pour le pouvoir, c’est simple comme bonjour.
Première victime, qui n’a pas attendu les calendes : un certain Dieudonné, d’après les rumeurs humoriste, mais qui ne passe plus à la télé, poursuivi pour apologie du terrorisme, pour avoir commis l’attentat suivant : « Je me sens Charlie Coulibaly. » On croyait nager dans une nouvelle ère de liberté d’expression, pour que « plus jamais ça », la Shoah, Charlie, tout ça. On peut compter sur le nouveau Charlie, troisième ou quatrième du nom, pour ne pas sombrer dans ce terrorisme. Nous, eh bien, il faudra qu’on fasse triplement, quadruplement attention à nos mots.
Cavanna avait raison, on n’imagine pas jusqu’où la connerie de l’animal humain peut tomber. Jusqu’où va-t-on descendre, se demandait un sociologue il y a 12 ans. Réponse : on sait toujours pas, mais on y va.
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Kevin Barrett

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

Dr. Barrett has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.



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