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BP Oil Disaster Brings Fabulous Riches to Rothschild, Israel, and China

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The horrible disaster in the Gulf of Mexico grows more and more dreadful with each passing day. As the residents of the Gulf states become drenched in this black goo from the sea floor, across the globe a small clique of super-rich plutocrats are enjoying a diametrically opposite reaction. These agents of deceit are celebrating the BP disaster with gleeful joy. Their outrageous scheme has worked to perfection, and their bank accounts already show the success of their little sub-oceanic endeavor. Meanwhile, the American people and economy are being intentionally stymied by this and other oil shenanigans. Is this part of what Obama calls "Creative Destruction?" Who in the Jewish-controlled media dare to expose this matter for what it is? This month's explosive Power of Prophecy feature article, Rothschild's Black Gold Empire: BP Oil Disaster Brings Fabulous Riches to Rothschild, Israel, and China exposes the awful truth the controlled media dare not tell. This article, as well a powerful Bonus Article, is a must read for you, your friends, and your family. Please share this important information with everyone in your address book.
This week's Power of Prophecy streaming audio is titled, Unmasking the Spooks, Spies, and Spidery Connection of the Illuminati's Global Intelligence Network. Tune in to the fastest hour in radio and listen as Texe exposes the spidery web of the Illuminati's global intelligence network.
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Gilad Atzmon: Islamophobia in Britain: The Products, The Names and The Faces

Islamophobia has made it to the market place. In the open and shamelessly offers hundreds of anti Muslim and anti Arab products: T-shirts, caps babysuits etc’.   Yet, make no mistake, Cafepress is not an ordinary xenophobic retailer driven by some crude ‘universal’ bigotry. As much as the site offers very many pro Jewish, pro Israelipro war , anti Arab and anti Muslim commodities, it doesn’t offer a single anti Jewish, anti Semitic, anti Black, anti Polish or anti Immigrant commodity. This is indeed very good news. Yet, the manifold of anti Muslim and pro Jewish products is staggering, especially in the context of the absence of any other hate driven products.
I guess that it is more than likely that the ‘pro Jewish’, ‘pro war’ and ‘anti Muslim’  products appeal to more or less the same crowd.  I guess that you know who they may be.
And yet, I am slightly puzzled I may admit, I ask myself where in Britain one can hang around with a T-shirt carrying an image of the Koran being stepped upon?  Where in Britain one can go around with a T-Shirt calling to ‘bomb Iran’?
 When I immigrated to Britain fifteen years ago it was  a very tolerant place.  The university I landed in was submerged in ‘post-colonial discourse’. Students and professors spent hours mourning Britain’s  crimes of the past. To a certain extent, Britain  is still a very tolerant place. The British public is still very open. Moreover, being a white  foreigner here is a very pleasant experience.  Yet,  looking at Cafepress’ anti Muslim collection, I assume that being Muslim, Arab or Asian in Britain must be a complicated experience, at least for some.  As it happens the Zio-centric ideological amalgam of moral interventionism, pro war, anti Muslim feelings and Israeli lobbying have planted some disastrous seeds of bigotry in British culture.
I think that it is our humanist duty to identify the proponent of pro war, pro Jewish and anti Muslim ideologies within our discourse. In order to do so, I will let some of our leading British Zionist and Neocons model Cafepress’ latest designs.
Look for instance at the Jewish Chronicle writer Nick Cohen, a man who advocated the war in Iraq, a pro war moral interventionist, a man who supported the criminal IDF operation Cast Lead, but more than anything, Cohen doesn’t really like Islam. He can do well with Cafepress’s latest designs.

Jack Straw supported the war in Iraq.  He told the Chilcot Inquiry  that “he could have stopped the invasion, had he wanted to.” Seemingly, he didn’t want to. More than 1.5 million Iraqis died. Straw also doesn’t like Muslim women wearing veils. Cafepress supports Straw's line of thinking with a new line of anti veil products.

By the way,  Jack Straw is not a Jew, he is just partially Jewish.
Cafepress, made a shirt for half Jews, just to make sure these ‘half-breeds’ do not drift away and start 'hate themselves'.

David Miliband was listed by an Israeli propaganda site as an Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) author. He was trying to amend British Universal jurisdiction just to help Israeli war criminals visiting this kingdom. Do not worry, The Conservative Friend of Israel seem to have succeeded where Miliband failed.   Just a few days before Israel launched its lethal genocidal Operation Cast Lead, Milband visited Sderot and  suggested to Israelis that  “above all”, Israel should “seek to protect its own citizens.” David Miliband is also a moral interventionist. He would kill in the name of democracy. Thank God he is not in the Government.

David Aaronovitch is a Jewish Chronicle writer, a defiant fighter against anti Semitism and yet a very enthusiastic opponent of Islam. As you may guess he  was an advocate for the  Iraq war. He also thinks that we better do something with Iran before it is ‘too late’.
The list of pro war, pro Israeli and anti Muslim supporters is pretty long. I think that we better identify them all. Now when we can fit them into T-shirts and babysuits we better move fast before the stock runs out.

To read more about Cafepress. Follow Nahida the exiled Palestinian on

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Lies about the Islamization of America

'Anti-Islamic' bus ads appear in major cities

A group called 'Stop Islamization of America' is promoting ads on major city public transportation that urge people to leave the Muslim faith. The anti-Islamic campaign is sparking thought about the religion's place in American society.

The group Stop Islamization of America paid for bus ads, such as this one in San Francisco, to promote its viewpoint. The ads, which read, ‘Leaving Islam?,’ are intended to be a resource for former Muslims. Muslim rights groups and others consider the ads to be anti-Islam.
Stephanie Rice

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Daughter of world famous Armenian singer becomes Muslim

Daughter of world famous Armenian singer becomes Muslim
Charles Aznavour is the Armenian Ambassador to Switzerland and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.



Oliver Stone’s Son Converts (Reverts) to Islam During Visit to Iran

Oliver Stones Son Converts to Islam During Visit to Iran
Sean Stone, right, son of American Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone, listens to chief operations officer of Reel Knights Productions, Mellissa Carter as they attend a press conference, in Tehran, Iran, Thursday, Sept. 8, 2011. Iran's semiofficial news agency FARS reported that Stone is in Iran to make a documentary film.

Sean Stone, the son of Oscar-winning film director Oliver Stone, reportedly converted to Islam on Tuesday. The younger Stone, 27, was visiting Iran, where he is working on a documentary.
The conversion ceremony, during which Fars news agency claims he became a Shiite Muslim, apparently took place in the Iranian city of Isfahan. During the ceremony, Stone chose “Ali” to be his Muslim first name.
The Tehran Times reports:
He went to the office of Shia cleric Ayatollah Mohammad Nasseri Dowlatabadi in the city of Isfahan on Tuesday and recited shahada, the Persian service of the Fars News Agency reported.
The shahada is the Islamic profession of the faith, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His messenger.” To convert to Islam, one simply has to recite this while believing it in one’s heart.
Oliver Stones Son Converts to Islam During Visit to Iran

Stone’s mother is a Christian and his father is Jewish, although he claims that the conversion doesn’t mean he will be leaving behind the faith traditions he was raised with.

“The conversion to Islam is not abandoning Christianity or Judaism, which I was born with,” he told AFP via phone. “It means I have accepted Mohammad and other prophets.”

Stone was in the Middle Eastern nation working on a film about Rumi, a mystic poet. But, for quite some time, has has shown his admiration for the nation’s culture.

The young filmmaker also has a history of defending Iran. Reuters reports:
In an interview with TheWrap at the Toronto Film Festival in September, he supported Iran’s right to a nuclear program as a defense against threats from Israel. He said criticizing the Iranian government is “like someone coming to your house and saying the father shouldn’t hit the kids,” he said. “Who are we to tell them how to rule their country?”

“Iran is ruled by law,” said Stone (pictured with coproducer Melissa Carter in Tehran). “People don’t like Ahmadinejad, but that doesn’t warrant a war or an uprising.”
In addition to directing documentaries, Stone has appeared in a number of his father’s films.


Gilad Atzmon: Oliver Stone apologized for Telling the Truth

There you go, Oliver Stone apologized for suggesting that the Jewish lobby controls Washington's foreign policy and that Hitler's actions should be put into context.

In fact, Stone’s apology confirms Stone’s argument. We are subject to constant assault by Jewish and Israeli gatekeepers who insist on controlling the political and historical discourse and defy any possible criticism of Jewish national affairs.

“In trying to make a broader historical point about the range of atrocities the Germans committed against many people, I made a clumsy association about the Holocaust, for which I am sorry and I regret,” Stone said in a statement released late Monday, the day after his remarks were published in a British newspaper.
JTA reported today that Elan Steinberg, vice president of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants, was among the Jewish organizations and Israeli officials to condemn the remarks.
Steinberg in a statement said Stone's apology "was necessary and we accept it. But whether he acted out of sincerity or as a desperate response to the moral outcry at his comments is an open question," he added. "He must be judged by his future words and deeds.”

Steinberg demands “sincerity” and future subservience. I would actually expect him to join Stone and be slightly more enthusiastic about historical research and contextual thinking.

Israel's propaganda minister’, Yuli Edelstein, was also among those who had condemned Stone's remarks early Monday. "They are nauseating, anti-Semitic and racist, Not only is he showing ignorance, he is demonizing Jews for no reason and returning to the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion.'

Interesting indeed. Stone doesn’t refer to race. There is nothing anti Semitic in his remark whatsoever unless telling the truth is a form of anti Semitism. Moreover, Stone didn’t demonize Jews for being Jews, he described some actions committed by Jewish institutional lobbies, actions that are now academically documented and studied. He did it for a good reason. Stone is probably patriotic or pragmatic enough to gather that peace is important.

"When a man of Stone's stature speaks in this way”, said Edelstein, “it can bring waves of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment, and may even damage Jewish communities and individuals." Edelstein is almost correct. Stone was brave enough to tell the truth about Jewish power, he probably wasn’t courageous enough to stand for it, which is understandable. However, Edelstein and other Jewish leaders better realise that Stone is far from being mad, anti Semitic or racist. Stone told the truth as we all see it.

Instead of silencing criticism, Edelstein, Steinberg and others better look in the mirror because the time is running out for Israel and its supporters

Update: Haim Saban to CBS: Cancel Oliver Stone's Showtime Series

The New Yorker reported  last month that at a conference last fall, Saban described his pro-Israeli formula, outlining “three ways to be influential in American politics…make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets.” ...

Coming Soon- David Cameron apologizes for telling the truth about Gaza being a prison Camp.


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Law chief to probe KGB agent's claim that David Kelly was 'exterminated'

By Neil Sears
Last updated at 7:26 AM on 26th July 2010

Dr. David Kelly: A KGB spy says that the doctor was 'exterminated'
Dr David Kelly: A KGB spy says that the doctor was 'exterminated'
A former Russian spy's dossier which suggests that Government scientist David Kelly was ' exterminated' in a planned assassination is being studied by the Attorney General.
Boris Karpichkov, who fled to Britain after 15 years as a KGB agent, claims a London intelligence contractor linked to MI5 told him Dr Kelly's death was not suicide.
Mr Karpichkov has emailed his evidence to Attorney General Dominic Grieve  -  who has already said he is 'concerned' by questions raised by doctors who dispute the official suicide ruling over the Iraq expert's death.
Last night a spokesman for Mr Grieve confirmed that the dossier had been received, and that it was being 'considered'.
Dr Kelly's body was discovered in woods close to his Oxfordshire home in July 2003.
Tony Blair's Labour Government had controversially unmasked him as the source of a hotly-disputed BBC news story that claimed a dossier used to justify the war on Iraq had been 'sexed up'.
Lord Hutton's public inquiry ruled that Dr Kelly killed himself, but since the ousting of Labour in May there has been growing pressure from within the coalition Government for a new independent inquiry.
A group of doctors have claimed Dr Kelly could not have died as a result of cutting his left wrist with a blunt garden pruning knife, and it has emerged that his death certificate was left incomplete.
There is also outrage at the fact that full details of his postmortem examination are to be kept secret for 70 years, and that no inquest took place.
KGB claim: Boris Karpichkov says that Peter Everett told him what happened to Dr Kelly
KGB claim: Boris Karpichkov had worked as a Russian spy for 15 years before fleeing to Britain

Campaigners also note that on the morning of his death Dr Kelly sent an email warning of 'many dark actors playing games'.
The new allegations from Mr Karpichkov suggest directly that the 'dark actors' could have been British secret agents determined to silence Dr Kelly before he could embarrass the Government.

Agent: According to Boris Karpichkov Peter Everett told him that David Kelly was 'exterminated' for his 'restless behaviour'
Claims: Karpichkov identified this man as MI5 agent Peter Everett
The former Russian spy, who defected from Latvia to Britain in 1998, says the source of his dossier is 'agent' Peter Everett, who lives in Dulwich, South-East London, and until 2006 ran a shadowy firm, Group Global Intelligence Services.
The firm is understood to have employed former MI5 operatives to carry out detective work for corporations.
Mr Karpichkov, who now holds a British passport, claims in his dossier that he worked for Mr Everett too, and that one of their dozens of meetings took place two days after Dr Kelly's body was found.
Mr Everett told him, the former KGB man claims, that Dr Kelly had been ' exterminated' for his ' reckless behaviour'.
Mr Karpichkov says Mr Everett suggested he was himself an 'active field operative' for MI5, and continues: 'He told me that it was extremely uncomfortable, inconsistent and unusual for Dr Kelly to slash his arm in the way he did. He would have lost some blood, but it would not have been fatal.
'He also claimed that it was not a coincidence that Special Branch officers were the ones who first appeared on the scene. They moved Dr Kelly's body to another location, changed the original position of his corpse and took away incriminating evidence.
'He added that the scene where Dr Kelly's body was found was carefully arranged and completely "washed out", including the destruction of all fingerprints.
'When I asked who was behind his death, he [ Mr Everett] answered indirectly, saying the "competing firm", which I took to mean MI6.'
At the weekend, Mr Everett confirmed that he had met Mr Karpichkov, and that he had discussed Dr Kelly's death. But he denied being party to any secret s about the incident.
He refused to comment on whether he had ever worked for MI5, but agreed he had 'spent a number of years working in the world of intelligence'.
Mr Karpichkov's dossier comes on top of a claim by Dr Kelly's colleague Mai Pedersen that the chemical warfare expert had been too weak to slash his own wrist.

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'Jewish-Dominated Media' Prevents Hitler from Being Portrayed 'in Context'

Oliver Stone: 'Jewish-Dominated Media' Prevents Hitler from Being Portrayed 'in Context'

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Director Oliver Stone belittled the Holocaust during a shocking interview with the Sunday Times today, claiming that America's focus on the Jewish massacre was a product of the "Jewish domination of the media." The director also defended Hitler and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and railed against the "powerful lobby" of Jews in America.
Stone said that his upcoming Showtime documentary series "Secret History of America," seeks to put Hitler and Communist dictator Joseph Stalin "in context."
"Hitler was a Frankenstein but there was also a Dr Frankenstein. German industrialists, the Americans and the British. He had a lot of support," Stone told reporter Camilla Long during the interview, which can be found behind the paywall on the Sunday Times' website.

Read more:

Stone said that, "Hitler did far more damage to the Russians than the Jewish people, 25 or 30 [million killed]."
The Sunday Times interviewer then asked why there was such a focus on the Holocaust.
"The Jewish domination of the media," responded Stone. "There's a major lobby in the United States. They are hard workers. They stay on top of every comment, the most powerful lobby in Washington. Israel has f***** up United States foreign policy for years."
The director, who recently met with Iranian President Ahmadinejad, also slammed the U.S. policy toward Iran as "horrible."
 "Iran isn't necessarily the good guy," said Stone. "[B]ut we don't know the full story!"
The Scarface screenwriter had even more encouraging words for socialist Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, who Stone called "a brave, blunt, earthy" man. The director has recently been promoting his Chavez-praising documentary called "South of the Border."
When the interviewer pointed out that Chavez has had a less-than-stellar record on human rights, Stone immediately dismissed the criticism.
"The internet's fully free [in Venezuela]," said Stone. "You can say what the hell you like. Compare it with all the other countries: Mexico, Guatemala, above all Colombia, which is a joke."
While Stone has not been as blunt about his views on Jews and the Holocaust in the past, he has been outspoken in his fondness for Chavez and his disagreements with the U.S.'s policy on Iran.
On ABC's Good Morning America on July 28, the director told anchor George Stephanopoulos that he "absolutely" believes Chavez is a good person, and claimed that there was "there's no pattern of censorship in this country [Venezuela]."
Stone also said that if the U.S. pursued sanctions against Iran, "it's going to be like North Vietnam again."



Libéré, Liyakat Polin : « Mo fine quitte prison zordi avec l’honneur »

Je n'ai toujours pas compris quel crime ce Monsieur a commis pour avoir mérité 15 ans d'enfermement . 
Le Directeur des Poursuites Publiques, comme il est d'usage en occident, fait chanter des suspects pour clore le dossier, à la demande du gouvernement et selon leurs critères.
Muhammad Cehl Fakeemeeah est innocent!  Donc, Le gouvernement  sioniste et sa Gestapo et le Judiciaire ont tout manigancé.  
"L'Escadron de la mort" fut inventé par les putes des médias sionistes, et je l'ai toujours su!
"Grâce présidentielle", quelle connerie! 

  Muslims in Mauritius face persecution
By Siraj Wahab, Arab News Staff

JEDDAH, 25 JulyKnown to Arab traders in the 5th century, visited by the Portuguese and then colonized and plundered by the Dutch, Mauritius has had a checkered history. In 1710, the French and a century later the British, settled the island on a more permanent basis. In 1968, Mauritius became an independent state within the British Commonwealth and in 1992, a Republic.

The island is famous for its great natural beauty, unbroken virgin coral reefs and lush vegetation. It has become a popular holiday destination for European and American tourists and is developing a healthy offshore banking industry.

The social demography reflects the ebb and flow of the cultures that have flowed through the island over the centuries. About 50 percent is Hindu and 17 percent Muslim, the balance consisting of a mix of Christian, Buddhist and other faiths. Constitutionally, there is no discrimination on the grounds of religion, it being a secular state. But appearances can be deceptive. The glossy images of Mauritius belie the anger seething in the Muslim community at the treatment of Cehl Muhammad Meeah, a local Muslim leader and political figure.

A recent report by Osama Daneshyar, British-based barrister working with the Islamic Human Rights Commission, highlights the systematic abuse of human rights in general and the torture and brutality meted out to Cehl Meeah in particular.

The leading figure in what appears to be a personal, almost messianic campaign of victimization is Chief Inspector Radhoa, who says he “doesn’t need evidence and all that bull shit.” Torture, sensory deprivation and isolation from family and lawyers to extract confessions “continues in violation of the constitution and has, according to Chief Inspector Radhoa, been encouraged and accepted by the government,” says Osama Daneshyar in his report. Indeed, “since the allegations of torture and brutality have been leveled against him, he has been decorated by the prime minister and promoted to the rank of chief inspector.”

Cehl Meeah was born in Mauritius in 1958. He began to teach the Qur’an to groups of children in the local mosque when he was 15. At 21, he won a scholarship to Umm Ul Qura University in Makkah where he studied Islamic jurisprudence and returned to Mauritius in 1991.

Here he entered political life, working with the Hezbollah Party (not connected save by name, with the Lebanese Hezbollah). Simultaneously, he inaugurated a primary school and over 50 Islamic centers around the island where Arabic and Qur’anic studies are taught.

He initiated free drug-detoxification programs in response to the open trafficking of drugs on the streets, notably in the Muslim areas — Plaine Verte — and openly in front of the police who take no action. Careful groundwork in the community saw Cehl Meeah and one other member of the party elected as councilors in the municipal elections of 1996. Also in 1996, three horrific killings took place. The victims were members of minor political parties opposing the Hindu-dominated government. One of the self-confessed perpetrators, Toorab Bissessur and Hateem Oozeer, according to published press interviews and reports, was paid nearly SR40,000 by Deputy Prime Minister Paul Berenger soon afterward.

In early December 2001, Cehl Meeah was arrested and charged with the three murders in 1996 after he had offered to help the police with the investigation when asked to do so. Toorab Bissessur and Hateem Oozeer submitted the allegations to the police. They are both former members of Hezbollah and are strongly suspected of infiltration to destabilize it. Ironically they are graduates of the detoxification programs. Both were members of the majority Hindu party led by Paul Berenger.

It was when Chief Inspector Radhoa arrived that the catalogue of abuse opened. To prevent him from seeing his lawyer, he was taken out of the back door of the police station and to CID headquarters. True to the style, Chief Inspector Radhoa began his way of extracting confessions.

It started with several hours of beatings, resulting in four broken ribs, dislocated shoulder and a face reduced to pulp. That was just for a start. Metal objects were inserted under his fingernails, and a baton into his anus. His private parts were burned with cigarettes, soles of his feet bludgeoned. This left him in a comatose state, with his lawyer and family unaware of his whereabouts.

When eventually he was found in hospital, his doctor and lawyer were prevented from visiting until many of the injuries had subsided to some degree. Even so, independent medical evidence confirmed them. But still Chief Inspector Radhoa failed to get his confession. He explains that the injuries were caused during “a confrontation between Mr. Meeah and Mr. Bissessur, and when the latter attempted to attack Mr. Meeah he (the inspector) immediately jumped in to prevent it.” When Cehl Meeah goes to trial, the government-controlled press has so publicized the case that, in the words of Jaques Panglose of Counsel — a legal organization on the island — “there is not a single person in Mauritius who does not believe as a result of the press that Mr. Meeah is guilty and that even if the jury was made up of 12 Muslims, they would convict him before having to listen to the evidence.” Why has this dreadful train of events come about? The answer lies in the threat to the establishment offered by what seems to them to be an organized Muslim political party. Paul Berenger was supported by almost 90 percent of the Muslim community when he started the MMM (Mauritian Militant Movement), in the early 1970s, despite its being overwhelmingly Hindu. That party’s abysmal record of lack of support for the Muslim community over the years led to a deep dissatisfaction in the community.

When Cehl Meeah began Hezbollah in the early 1990s and demonstrated his good intention by the community programs he started, the MMM suffered an immediate 34 percent decline in Muslim voters. Paul Berenger saw the writing on the wall.

Polls indicate that in the next elections, that percentage will be nearer 64 percent. This will relegate the MMM into a minority position, forcing at best a coalition and a consequent release of the stranglehold the MMM has on the political and law enforcement establishments on Mauritius.

The personal annihilation of Cehl Meeah’s credibility and thus Hezbollah seems to be a desperate attempt by the entrenched government to hold on to power. Like the national symbol of Mauritius, the Dodo, that hope is doomed to extinction.